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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Inganamort is the owner of Elizabeth’s LPG EndermoCenter & Spa in Old Town Scottsdale Elizabeth was born in Alamos, Mexico where she lived on a working ranch. At the age of fourteen she went to an all girls Catholic Boarding School and after graduating Elizabeth attended a fashion design academy. Her first job was modeling for both Corona and Budweiser in Mexico, where she traveled all over the country representing the companies at different trade shows. Elizabeth also spent time dressing up as Mini Mouse for Disney traveling around Mexico and appearing at different events.

Elizabeth has always been interested in the fashion and beauty industry. She moved to the United States when she was approximately 23 years old and after having two children, decided to open a clothing boutique in Old Town Scottsdale called Traffic by Elizabeth. The boutique specialized in unique and one-of-a-kind men’s and women’s clothing for the Scottsdale crowd. After several years, Elizabeth sold that business and moved to New York City for two years to pursue a career in fashion while doing various modeling jobs.

In 2009 Elizabeth moved back to Arizona and opened Wind and Water Southwestern Feng Shui and Spa, to specialize in beauty for women and recently changed the name to Elizabeth’s LPG EndermoCenter & Spa. Elizabeth’s Mission Statement is “To help others become happy both inside and out and to inspire a love for life and health. If you feel good about yourself first, all other aspects of life will fall into place…it starts with you!” One of the main goals for her business is to inspire people to be and look their best and to build a successful company with a loyal following of customers. Customer satisfaction is a number one priority because if the customer is not happy with the results then she feel like she has failed.

Elizabeth’s LPG EndermoCenter & Spa offers all of the typical spa treatments including; hair and hair extensions, make-up, facials, herbal body wraps and the signature item is LPG Endermologie treatments. LPG Endermologie is a unique machine from France that treats cellulite non-surgically by increasing and stimulating the flow of toxins. LPG has been called the “secret of the stars” and is used as an augmentation to eating a well balanced diet and exercise. Essentially it attacks that stubborn area that just doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard you try.

In 2011 Elizabeth co-authored a Feng Shi book in Spanish and is a certified Feng Shui practitioner and a Reike master and offer consulting services as an added benefit to my spa clients upon request as another way to inspire and motivate them to reach their goals in health and beauty and achieve balance and harmony and not give up.

Finally, Elizabeth is a belly dancer and teaches belly dancing classes and offers belly dancing parties for children, women of all ages and bachelorette parties. She just finished producing a belly dancing video (volume 1) in both English - Elizabeth’s Secret and Spanish - el Secreto de Elizabeth.


Elizabeth giving to the youth


Elizabeth is involved with and participates in many charities ranging from children’s education causes to organization’s that promote women’s health and well-being. Elizabeth coordinates and produces an annual calendar to raise money to purchase toys for children in her hometown in Mexico for the holidays. It is especially rewarding to Elizabeth to see the smiles on the children’s faces every year.

Her most passionate and ambitious project is The Falcon’s Guard Center for Children. Elizabeth’s dream is establish a center in Mesa to serve as a safe house for abused and children between the ages of 5 and 18. A portion of the proceeds from her Belly Dancing DVD’s and iTunes videos will be contributed towards setting up the center.


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7121 East 5th Ave. Suite 17, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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